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The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Skyrim


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The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Skyrim

The next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, known officially as the Dark Heart of Skyrim, will take players to Western Skyrim in a supernatural adventure.


The Dark Heart of Skyrim, will be a year-long event that takes players to the iconic snowy lands that are loved by many. Just don’t expect to see any familiar faces asking if you visit the Cloud District often, as The Elder Scrolls Online is set a thousand years prior to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The first part of the DLC, the Harrowstorm DLC dungeon pack, arrives this February. Harrowstorm features two new dungeons and allows you to contend with a supernatural storm in Icereach and explore the depths of Unhallowed Grave.



Harrowstorm continues on in the Greymoor chapter, which sees Western Skyrim being plagued by supernatural harrowstorms, dark beasts, and powerful Vampire Lords. It’s on you to defend the poor Nords and work out just what’s going on in Skyrim.


While players can already adventure along Skyrim’s eastern zones, Greymoor will take players to the west, including the city of Solitude and the deepest depths of Blackreach.


Greymoor is set to introduce a lot to The Elder Scrolls Online, including:

  • A new zone to explore: Western Skyrim
  • A gothic main story quest line that ties into the Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure
  • An intriguing new system: Antiquities
  • A massive new 12-player Trial: Kyne’s Aegis
  • New world events: Harrowstorms
  • New delves, public dungeons, and stand-alone quests
  • Updates and quality-of-life improvements
    • This includes a rework of the Vampire Skill Line, which will be free for all ESO players. Yay!

Greymoor is set to arrive on PC and Mac on May 18th and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 2nd. You can pre-purchase the DLC now on most platforms aside from PlayStation 4, although it should be arriving to the PlayStation Store soon.


Interestingly, Greymoor will also be available on Google Stadia. The team behind The Elder Scrolls Online say to stay tuned for more information about ESO on Stadia in the next couple of months.


Two more DLC packs (a new dungeon pack and a story zone) will be arriving later in 2020. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, so keep an eye out!


For more information on Harrowstorm and Greymoor, including pre-purchase bonuses, you can check out the official Elder Scrolls Online post here. Happy gaming!



Source: The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Skyrim  (MSPoweruser)

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