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Boeing 737 with 180 aboard crashes after take-off from Tehran airport


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A Ukrainian Boeing 737 with 180 passengers on board has crashed after taking off from Iran's Khomeini Airport in Tehran due to technical issues, Tasnim news agency said on Wednesday morning, Trend reports citing Sputnik.


According to the outlet, the airport chief confirmed the information.


The plane was heading for Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine's capital, Fars news agency reported.








All 167 Passengers on Board Ukrainian Aircraft Killed - Reports



The Ukrainian Embassy in Iran is working on the lists of people killed in Boeing 737 crash near Tehran airport, a representative of the embassy told Sputnik on Wednesday.


"There are no final lists yet, we are working in contact with relevant structures and establishing the lists of those killed," the representative said, adding that embassy staffers were already working in the airport.



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show both accepted spellings of Kyiv/Kiev
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The plane was heading for Kyiv, Ukraine's capital...

Kiev or Kyiv? What do the Ukrainian forumers prefer?


One more bad news.

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version of plane 737-800


We currently know the following information about the countries of origin of the crash # PS752:
Iran - 82
Canada - 63
Ukraine - 2 + 9 (crew)
Sweden - 10
Afghanistan - 4
Germany - 3
United Kingdom - 3




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20 hours ago, mp68terr said:

Kiev or Kyiv? What do the Ukrainian forumers prefer?


FWIW, I've edited the OP to now show both spellings with Kyiv shown first because it's what the Ukrainian government adopted as the Latinisation in 1995.


Hopefully that will appease everyone. :)

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@jamesDDI Offensive post hidden and you are banned from posting in this topic indefinitely.

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