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Cortana gets a significant update for Windows 10 20H1 PCs


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Cortana gets a significant update for Windows 10 20H1 PCs

Microsoft has been slowly cutting back on the features supported by their voice assistant, Cortana, including removing its integration from Android handsets and taking away support for basic features such as setting timers.


It seems the company has now started the phase of building it back up again, with ALumia reporting that Microsoft has released a significant update for Cortana Beta, taking it to version 2.1912.18729.0, which introduces a number of new features.










These include:

  • Suggested Tasks: Although at the moment there is an empty section, the activities are in turn divided into three sub-categories (Found, Active and History). 
  • WakeWord : Microsoft has introduced the possibility to start Cortana simply by saying its name (as was already possible with the old Cortana app). The feature does not appear to offer the ability to set your own wakeword yet.
  • Redesigned settings:  Microsoft has significantly improved the settings of Cortana (Beta), introducing a more elegant and responsive hamburger menu;
  • Support for old versions of Windows 10 has been eliminated:  You can now download Cortana (Beta) only on Windows 10 PCs with a build 19023 or higher on board;
  • Corrections and improvements

Some of the features can be seen illustrated in ALumia’s screenshots above.


Currently, Cortana only supports US-English, with Microsoft set to withdraw from most of the world. It remains to be seen if the space will be filled by competitors such as Amazon’s Alexa or if Microsoft will claw its way back up to relevance again.



Source: Cortana gets a significant update for Windows 10 20H1 PCs  (MSPoweruser)

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2 hours ago, Karlston said:

if Microsoft will claw its way back up to relevance again.

Cortana has never been relevant just lots of Microsoft PR about it was all,  but  it's  unwanted, most people  who use windows  disable  it .  they never had  the resources to make  it understand nothing but U.S English  . It's crap that Microsoft put in Windows  to make like they are competing with  consumer products to look cool but  once they made Windows 10 they  made the home  version crippleware  and worthless .There really a  enterprise software  company now  they stop caring about stuff like  Cortana when they stop caring about consumers and that was when the   bottom fell out of Windows phone.


In order to care about consumer features  they have to be able to sell lots of copies to consumers  with billions of   people buying IOS and Android devices they lost almost any relevance they  had with consumers except for PC gamers when Windows phone folded . People use streaming boxes  and smart phones  and some gamers use  consoles , other desktop  OS and smartphones to game . Gameing alone wont sell many copies of windows.


They may be updating it again  planing to put it in Windows 10x . But Windows 10x  is like Windows 10 phones it is a risk to make a new OS  that is depended  on Microsoft hardware it may never  take off and never sale  good.  Windows 10x will be Microsoft's next stab at consumers . they going to put Win 32 apps in containers and i use  Linux  and i know all about using containers. It is great when there is no native app  in ppa or deb but it is slower to load than native apps ,so using containers have caveats


Microsoft said a lot about  Windows 10 and when Windows phone folded most of it was retracted from there plains so i dont believe nothing they say  tell i see it  because they have no crystal ball . And even if you see it  dont mean they wont remove it latter on . because Windows upgrades are not  just upgrades they downgrades too because they removed stuff on every upgrade.


If they was still really a relevant  consumer company they  would be  up for anti trust like Apple , Amazon  and Google is them not caring about making products consumers want saved them this time .Microsoft is not even in the same category  as the rest of big tech called FAANG  is  there recognized as enterprise  software now like IBM.


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It may look better, but does not work better, or at all.

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