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Calibre 4.8.0


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This freeware application is the ultimate eBook library manager. Use this application to catalogue your extensive eBook collection (featuring support for similarly extensive metadata). From there, you can convert your files to a variety of supported formats, depending on which reader you're using to actually view your eBooks. And don't worry, you can use Calibre to synchronize your information and files straight to your device. Take that, extraneous applications. Oh, and did we mention that Calibre can convert RSS feeds into "eBooks," perfect for reading your day's news without the need for an Internet connection.

Thanks to rushdie for the update.


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Release: 4.8 [03 Jan, 2020]

New features

  • Viewer in flow mode: Add auto-scrolling which can be triggered from the viewer controls and also make smooth scrolling by pressing down the arrow keys configurable
  • Viewer: Allow showing data in left and right margins in addition to headers/footers.

    Closes tickets: 1855121

  • Viewer: Allow right clicking in the lookup panel to zoom in/out.

    Closes tickets: 1857989

  • Viewer: Allow setting colors for the margins when creating new color schemes in Preferences->Colors
  • Viewer: Ctrl+, to show preferences

Bug fixes

  • PDF Output: Fix extracting text from generated PDFs not working if more than 100 characters per font are used in the text.

    Closes tickets: 1857886

  • macOS: Fix viewer controls not using system UI font
  • Viewer: Fix images not being rendered at certain sizes when they are the only content on the page in paged mode with single page per screen.

    Closes tickets: 1857803

  • Viewer: Fix svg links not working.

    Closes tickets: 1857812

  • Viewer: Fix a bug that could allow maliciously crafted EPUB files to read data from files on the computer. Thanks to dozernz for discovering this attack vector.

    Closes tickets: 1857800

  • macOS: Fix regression in previous release that caused link color to be light blue even when not using dark color themes
  • RTF Output: Fix a regression that slowed down conversion of images.

    Closes tickets: 1857732

  • Server viewer: Make the Exit full screen action available in viewer controls.

    Closes tickets: 1857677

  • Viewer: Fix error when trying to change more than a single keyboard shortcut at once

    Closes tickets: 1858117

  • Fix typo causing a harmless error message when downloading covers and only a single cover is found

Improved news sources

  • London Review of Books
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