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[Solved] The New Year brought new problems


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Take it as an announcement only. It is not the problem of this forum, it's a overall problem.
It looks like 2020 started with some features of IPS Community Suite no longer working.
Some scripts and some css simply do not load anymore.

So the Streams css and condensed view are gone and anyone don't know what more is gone.

Anyway, very uncomfortable to view and handle.
Can not imagine, what's the reason. It began if the new year number was come.

Happy New Year.

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There is simply a lot of inconvenience if some things don't work at all and many things are in the wrong place and many are with the wrong dimensions and so on. On some places is text what shouldn't be there at all, should be invisible etc.
Something should be wrong with the scripts, because it is also in other forums and in other servers, also in my own test-forum.
At first I thought, it's with one, tested others and found the same problem. Then thought, maybe something with my network, then tried to open using some VPN and proxy, still the same. 
Then I looked to the IPS community own forum, again the same.
So, if there is something related to date or year convertion, it should go away itself if comes next date. This I thought because this year is so called leap year ie 366 days and may cause some problems. Don't know at moment what's the reason is.

At least it seems to be some general problem. And if so, it may last for a long.

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12 hours ago, Sylence said:

Is it causing any issue for you? I don't notice anything, neither visually nor in the browser console

Here is the difference


Current condensed view



Should be



Maybe here You can see the difference - it comes from not loading some scripts.

These are .js and .css what does not be loaded in some views.


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The solution has found. It simple and takes couple minutes. If somebody have permissions to go on admin panel and make couple  resettings and run some of cleaning tasks (may even not needed if cronjobs works correctly), then it's done. I can assist if needed.

Here's the result





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Hello @Matt,

First of all, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2020.  :) 


This msg is also to let you know that on "Unread Content", the condensed view doesn't work anymore?



Thanks in advance.


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8 minutes ago, hpwamr said:

This msg is also to let you know that on "Unread Content", the condensed view doesn't work anymore?


I tested and can confirm that the option does not work (tested using Firefox on laptop/Google Chrome on Android).

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  • T3rM1nat0Rr3 changed the title to The New Year brought new problems
13 minutes ago, xyzdev said:

Condensed view now working again on my end

Most likely it happened after udating to version what was just released.
However this update isn't any way related this bug, only during the update were uploaded all files again and restored also default settings.

Yes, it's true, works again.

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4 hours ago, Matt said:

Try again guy, and report back to me in order to have it fixed if not. 

Yes, it's fixed. 

Thanks a lot. :)




Sorry @Matt I can NOT thanks you today !  😟



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