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Viewing and Editing Images with Nero


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As plenty of users know, among the applications included in Nero multimedia suite, there is also an image viewer that doubles as an image editor as well. PhotoSnap Viewer is the tool that loads up the images for viewing purposes. Modifying an image can be easily be done by quickly snapping to editing mode of the application.

The purpose of the image viewer in Nero may seem quite simple at first, that of loading up images and showing them to you, but as it is the case with all photo viewers nowadays, this sort of software must have a few more features than this basic one. In the case of Nero PhotoSnap Viewer, the options are as simple as they can be, since it addresses the average user and not a professional one. But even so, the application manages to provide information about the currently loaded image, lets you zoom in and out up to a certain point, rotate the picture by 90 degrees to the right or left, and of course, send it to the printer.

Picture information reading is one of the most important features in Nero PhotoSnap Viewer, especially for a photography aficionado, as it gives the size of the picture, resolution and metadata details like orientation, software used to modify it, last modification date, or EXIF specific data. As far as supported graphic formats go, the viewer is perfectly capable of loading all popular file types and some of the less known ones to the general audience (DIB, JFIF, PCX, PPM, TGA, WMF, CUT, DDS, IFF, KOA, PCD, PBM, RAS, etc.).

The Good

All popular image formats are supported, and then some, as less used picture types can be loaded. Picture information area reveals the specifics of the file.

Image editing lets you save different settings profiles that can be applied as many times as you need a specific look. The amount of filters and tools is truly impressive.

The Bad

The image viewer lacks slideshow function which nowadays has grown in importance, especially with the possibility of switching the view to larger screens.

Although PhotoSnap is packed with filters able to apply the most varied effects, it is clear that they are not Nero’s strongest point.

The Truth

If the viewer lacks some features that are nowadays added by default in software alike, it comes with editing features above the ones in the regular image viewers on the market. The sheer number of effects is overwhelming for the average user, though not impressing a professional. However, it makes for a good option when looking for quickly applying some pretty cool effects like aging, duotone, solarizing, or a combination of all these.

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