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Google is blocking some smaller Linux web browser from its services


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Block to the future




'You spelt my name wrong'


GOOGLE HAS PUT a block on access to its services from several Linux web browsers.



Although there's not been anything official from the Big G, a post on Reddit over the weekend about one browser led to the discovery of several more.


The three browsers affected are Qutebrowser, and the better known Konqueror and Falkon (nee Quipzilla).


The issue manifests if you try and log in to your Google account. Instead of doing so, you're advised to switch to a different browser as it "may not be secure".


There's an option to ‘Learn More', which takes you to a support link and suggests it could be an issue with Javascript, with extensions that aren't compatible, are running automation testing frameworks or the browser is embedded in a different application.


To take the last of these first - the browser being embedded in a different application suggests that the browser is somehow telling Google that it's a progressive web app, rather than a browser - or that it is registering as a captive portal.


Other theories are emerging in the Linux community, with Bleeping Computer citing several, ranging from internal testing at Google (which would explain why the 'Falkon' bug is only affecting some users), to a problem with a browser module, rather than the browser itself.


So far, Google hasn't come forward to explain why these browsers are locked down and if it's temporary, permanent or a big ol' bork-up. It's not even like they're all Chromium browsers - Konqueror has its own web engine.


Far from us to pre-speculate, but we just hope that this is a genuine concern that can be resolved, rather than Google just flexing its market dominance to give minnows a disadvantage.


In the meantime, it's not like there's not a ton of other Chromium-based browsers out there - like, well, Chromium for a start, or there's always every Linux user's favourite - Edge. It'd just be nice to have the choice, or at least know the reasons.



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there's always every Linux user's favourite - Edge

Fake, it's linking to an article saying that 'Microsoft is bringing Edge to Linux', not that edge is linux user's favorite.

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53 minutes ago, mp68terr said:


Fake, it's linking to an article saying that 'Microsoft is bringing Edge to Linux', not that edge is linux user's favorite.

Who cares I hope they dont , you dont have a sense of humor  do you or you  the editor was making a joke? ill never use EDGE just like i dont use none of the browsers in the op . Linux already have  Google chrome , Opera , Slim Jet , and other Chromium spins    for years and now Brave as well and I just use Waterfox  and Firefox  mostly . Chromium clones are boring just like the editor said in the post about EDGE.



With the announcement yesterday of its new "Cdge Wave" logo, it feels as if the Edge juggernaut is now well and truly powered up and ready to make 2020 the year of the "our Chromium browser is better than yours"



It's all marketing bullshit  some people on Linux  trust Microsoft more than they do Google whenever it arrives . i'm sure some Google chrome users will switch . It's like they brought M$  teams to Linux  the other day because people on Linux are buying Slack  it don't mean I installed it  i never even used Skype. In order too make money  you got to be cross platform.  Ive not used a browser made by Microsoft  since 2006 . I had  a Microsoft account and they block me for using a vpn and wanted my phone number so that was the end of using that . I don't need there services that bad. Same reason i stop using Google and Yahoo services in 2012 they lock you out if you change ips they to use just ask questions now they all want phone numbers on desktop OS.  I have a Google trash account  i made this   year with a vpn it work with one VPN range only. 1st account I had since 2012. i only use it if need to use G Drive. :lmao:

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