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Notepad++ 7.8.2


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I get this changelog from this one instead, as the official site wasn't updated yet with the new release (Notepad++'s GitHub is already updated with 7.8.2 release).


Notepad++ v7.8.2 enhancements and bug-fixes:

1.  Add key shortcuts in Save or not dialog.
2.  Add find in files filter excluding ability.
3.  Add "Open UDL folder" command.
4.  Fix issue of showing save dialog twice while cloned file is dirty.
5.  Enhance "Open Explorer" command in Folder as workspace with expected path.
6.  Fix tab dragging issues.
7.  Enhance "Close all but This" and "Close all to the left/right" commands while files are dirty.
8.  Enhance "In Selection" option in Find dialog.
9.  Fix Notepad++ blocked in notification zone issue.
10. Make end-of-line conversion operations macroable.
11. Fix "View Current File In" commands disabled problem in some situations.

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