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Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.14 with improvements to PowerRename and FancyZones


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Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.14 with improvements to PowerRename and FancyZones



Microsoft's rebooted PowerToys app has received another update, which brings it to version 0.14. This release focuses mostly on improvements to features that were added previously, like FancyZones and PowerRename.


The former was part of the initial release of the new PowerToys, and it allows users to create more complex layouts for their desktop windows. In this release, it's received the following improvements:


  • Removed legacy editor (along with the settings option to choose between the legacy editor and the new editor).
  • Added a settings to disable FancyZones for user defined list of applications.
  • The editor now opens highlighting the current active layout.
  • Show the correct keyboard key for the editor shortcut (with some limitations due to the WebView control).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the FancyZones bug that was stealing the number keys (mostly happening when dragging Chrome tabs).
  • Fixed a DPI scaling bug in the FancyZones editor that was causing the zones to be placed in the wrong position on the screen.
  • Fixed bug preventing several apps from working with FancyZones (there are still some cases, like remote apps, that may not work).

PowerRename is a feature that was added more recently in version 0.12, and it lets users rename files in bulk. For example, if you have a series of pictures from the same place, you can easily name them all to follow the same naming scheme. Here's what's been improved in this version:


  • The dialog can be resized (still need to finish the work to handle DPI changes when moving the dialog between screen with different scaling %).
  • Added settings to restore search and replace flags value from previous run.
  • Added settings to enable autocomplete and auto-suggest.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved RegEx replace result.
  • Fix bug preventing sub-folder items to be renamed if parent folder is also renamed.

In addition to these, Microsoft has made some more general fixes to PowerToys with this release:

  • Fixed a bug in the runner that was causing the tray icon to not appear.
  • Minor UI tweaks to the Settings appearance (icons position and margins, module's description text and documentation links position and margins).
  • Fixed a crash in the ShortcutGuide.

If you're interested, you can download the latest version of the app from GitHub. Keep in mind that, at this moment, only x64 systems are supported. ARM64 support is planned, but currently unavailable, and there's also no x86 support, so you can't use this on an ARM PC whatsoever.



Source: Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.14 with improvements to PowerRename and FancyZones (Neowin)

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