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Microsoft to plug critical IE hole targeted by exploit code


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Microsoft to plug critical IE hole targeted by exploit code

Internet Explorer that affects Windows 7 and other current versions of the operating system for which exploit code has been released.

Microsoft said on Thursday that it will offer six updates for 12 vulnerabilities next week including a critical hole in

Late last month, Microsoft said it was investigating an IE vulnerability after someone released proof-of-concept code affecting IE 6 and IE 7 that could be used to take control of computers.

Microsoft described the problem in an advisory issued November 23: "The vulnerability exists as an invalid pointer reference of Internet Explorer. It is possible under certain conditions for a CSS/Style object to be accessed after the object is deleted. In a specially-crafted attack, Internet Explorer attempting to access a freed object can lead to running attacker-supplied code."

Of the six updates Microsoft will release on Patch Tuesday, three of them are critical, according to a Microsoft security bulletin advance notification.

Software affected includes Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Office XP, and Office 2003.

Source - CNET

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An update will be released to close the critical hole in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 that was made public two weeks ago. In addition, another update is intended to close a security hole in Internet Explorer 8 which has apparently not yet been made public

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