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Privacy-oriented Startpage search engine adds News tab to results


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The privacy-focussed search engine, Startpage, has announced a news tab for search results. Currently, Startpage gives web, image, and video but the addition of a news tab will bring its feature parity closer to that of competitors, making it easier for people to switch to. As with its other search features, the news results will not be influenced by any tracking, this ensures users see a more balanced list of results.


Many search engines use prior searches and browsing history to display results. While these companies say that the results are more relevant, Startpage and other privacy-oriented search engines like DuckDuckGo argue that these “filter bubbles” are more like traps where some results are hidden from you.




Instead of filtering news results based on your browsing history, Startpage will filter results based on the time and date that they were published, this way you’ll be able to keep up with all the latest developments as they evolve.


Commenting on the new feature, Startpage said in an e-mail:



"Startpage is announcing its News tab, a brand new feature that delivers universal, completely private search results, empowering its users to keep a pulse of the news outside of the “filter bubble.”


The Startpage News tab is an extension of Startpage’s existing private search engine options of “Web,” “Images,” as well as “Anonymous View.” The “News” tab will showcase the most relevant search results - which can be filtered by date - while guaranteeing a completely un-profiled browsing experience, allowing users to peruse the news free of any search history tracking."


If you're not familiar with Startpage, it is one of the search engines that has gained popularity in recent years following the revelations made by Edward Snowden surrounding state surveillance. Startpage sets itself apart from the competition by storing no IP addresses, no personal user data, and no tracking cookies. Additionally, users can view results incognito with the Anonymous View tool.


Source: Privacy-oriented Startpage search engine adds News tab to results (via Neowin)

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They was delisted from Privacytools.io  for being shady about  providing  data to System1



Also  the privacy based forums say dont use it for privacy  they not the same company anymore



Startpage and System1 Abuse Your Privacy Under the Guise of ‘Privacy One Group’



Techrights ,Ghacks , etc,   that advocated for it before  say use searx or duckduck go instead  now.


DuckDuckgo are partners with Bing ads difference is partnership and ownership. System1 are a ad company and they own startpage now +1 you can turn ads off in DuckDuckGo settings . Even better SearX  has  stratpage and DDG results  and many more and it has no ads at all.

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2 hours ago, steven36 said:

They was delisted from Privacytools.io...

Good to know, or as a reminder.

Startpage was my main search page for years, sounds like it's time to change the default search page.

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