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Calibre 4.4.0


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This freeware application is the ultimate eBook library manager. Use this application to catalogue your extensive eBook collection (featuring support for similarly extensive metadata). From there, you can convert your files to a variety of supported formats, depending on which reader you're using to actually view your eBooks. And don't worry, you can use Calibre to synchronize your information and files straight to your device. Take that, extraneous applications. Oh, and did we mention that Calibre can convert RSS feeds into "eBooks," perfect for reading your day's news without the need for an Internet connection.


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In This Release:

New Features

  •     Viewer: Allow customizing what actions appear on the toolbar (Preferences->Miscellaneous->Customize toolbar).
  •     Viewer: The --open-at command line argument now allows matching on ToC hrefs as well as titles
  •     Book details window: Show path to book in cover tooltip.
  •     Book details popup window: Add Open with actions to context menu when right clicking the cover image.
  •     Edit book: Check book: Mark empty id attributes in the OPF as errors.
  •     Viewer: Add a shortcut (Ctrl+F11) to toggle the toolbar
  •     Bulk metadata download review dialog: When clicking cancel ask for confirmation if some books have already been reviewed

Bug Fixes

  •     PDF Output: Fix an error when using fonts with vertical metrics.
  •     Viewer: Fix flickering when scrollbar is enabled and the header/footer is too wide for the screen.
  •     PDF Output: Improve handling of images that do not fit on a page.
  •     Viewer: In paged mode break long text without spaces at arbitrary points instead of overflowing to the next page.
  •     Viewer: Fix hang when using --open-at with single instance viewer and the specified location is already open.
  •     Viewer: Fix opening .txt files in the standalone viewer leaving behind a temporary index.html file in the directory of the txt file.
  •     Linux: Make some cache removal code robust against un-decodeable filenames in the cache directories
  •     Viewer: Fix scrolling of panels in preferences causing artifacts.
  •     Viewer: improve appearance of controls on small screens.
  •     Move close button in viewer preferences to left to match the rest of the content server UI.
  •     Viewer: Fix restoring user stylesheet to default not being applied until a viewer restart
  •     Viewer: Do not wait for loading of tags that are not stylesheets.
  •     Viewer: When using the system color theme only override link colors in the book if the theme is dark.
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I am indebted to this sw it converts so many books for me , only thing is the pdf output from a epub or mobi was kind of stagnant without proper line alignment. hopefully this edition will resolve it 

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POrtableAppz Calibre 4.4 32-64 bit Multilingual


Download Portable Calibre 32-64 bit Online (0.3 MB) 10/11/17

Site: https://www.upload.ee

Sharecode: /files/7647768/Calibre_Portable_Latest_32-64-bit_Multilingual_Online.exe.html



On first screen, skip for latest (or enter: 1.48.0 for Windows XP)


Extract and run CalibrePortable or EbookEditPortable.

Default Library in CalibrePortable, edit CalibrePortable.ini to change (must be in same drive).


Settings of installed Calibre should be preserved.



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