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Disney+ will stream early episodes of The Simpsons in their original aspect ratio


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In a nutshell: While fans were justified to be upset about the change, it was likely little more than an oversight on Disney’s part. Nevertheless, they’re doing the right thing by correcting the mistake which boils down to another win for consumers voicing their opinion.

From launch day technical issues to hacked accounts being sold on the dark web, Disney’s stumbles out of the gate with its debut streaming platform have been well documented. But for a select few, the most egregious Disney+ incident has to do with aspect ratios.


Disney+ launched on November 12 with 30 seasons of The Simpsons in tow. Some subscribers had their spirits dashed, however, upon learning that Disney had adopted a 16:9 aspect ratio for all episodes, even those that originally aired in 4:3.




The issue is that the modern aspect ratio crops out some of the visual jokes in earlier episodes. For example, you can’t make out the fact that Duff, Duff Lite and Duff Dry all come from the same dispenser in the 16:9 version of this episode.




Disney in a statement said it went with a 16:9 aspect ratio to guarantee visual quality and consistency across all 30 seasons. In early 2020, however, they’ll make the first 19 seasons (and some episodes from season 20) available in their original 4:3 aspect ratio.


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Good grief. They didn't realise that converting 4:3 to 16:9 (without black bars on sides) crops the bottom quarter off the videos, and they think that's OK, or that no one would notice? :rolleyes:

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Still they pulled  s03e01 because  it had Michel Jackson's voice in it . You dont have  to wait tell 2020 to watch them in 4:3  from piracy sites or if you have  the dvds s03e01 incl .It's stupid   the Simpsons being on Disney to begin with because they made fun of Disney in some of there eps and  because Disney cartoons are family based   and  the Simpsons is the granddad  of the development that led US producers to a 1990s boom in new, animated prime-time shows for adults. such as Beavis and Butt-Head, South Park, Family Guy, King of the Hill, Futurama and The Critic.

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