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[Frontpaged] Macrium Reflect 7.2.4539


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Macrium Reflect 7.2.4539


Installer 32-bit (Home) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_home_setup_x86.exe
Installer 64-bit (Home) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_home_setup_x64.exe


Installer 32-bit (Workstation) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_wkstn_setup_x86.exe
Installer 64-bit (Workstation) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_wkstn_setup_x64.exe


Installer 32-bit (Server) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_server_setup_x86.exe
Installer 64-bit (Server) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_server_setup_x64.exe


Installer 32-bit (Server Plus) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_server_plus_setup_x86.exe
Installer 64-bit (Server Plus) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_server_plus_setup_x64.exe


Installer 32-bit (Free) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_setup_free_x86.exe
Installer 64-bit (Free) - https://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4539/reflect_setup_free_x64.exe



Changes in 7.2.4539:


Bug fixes and Improvements


  • Server Plus Edition
    Exchange backups could crash after completion if the log file couldn't be written to. This has been resolved
  • Incorrect ReflectUI.exe Message Box
    On system startup an incorrect pop-up dialog box could be shown by ReflectUI.exe. This has been resolved
  • viBoot
    Images created by 'foreign' systems (not the same PC) could fail to enable the 'Boot Image' functionality in Reflect. This has been resolved
  • Macrium Image Guardian
    We've improved the security of MIG by enhancing the malicious injection of threads into running processes.
  • Change Block Tracker
    Minor performance and stability enhancements.
  • Rescue Media Builder
    • On some systems with dynamic disks, it was possible for the location of the PE files to be incorrectly set, causing boot menu entries to fail. This has been resolved.
    • On USB-based rescue media, un-checking the "Check for devices missing drivers on boot" checkbox and rebuilding would sometimes not make the rescue media stop prompting for missing drivers. This has been resolved.
    • When building Technicians media, failing to create autorun.inf will no longer cause the rescue media creation to abort.
    • If the Windows ADK version 1607 was installed but a 64-bit PE 10 zip file was used to build rescue media, any subsequent 32-bit PE 10 builds would not prompt for an updated wim but would always use the 1607 wim from the ADK. This has been resolved.
    • RMBuilder could fail to detect a new version of Windows RE after a Windows update. This has been resolved.


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