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Ford opens its order books for Mustang Mach-E electric crossover


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Ford opens its order books for Mustang Mach-E electric crossover

You can reserve one for $500 after Idris Elba reveals the Mach-E on Sunday.

The glacial pace at which some of the world's major automakers are electrifying their product line-ups can be rather frustrating. I've been particularly critical of Ford, although there's clear evidence that the Blue Oval wants that to change. It invested $500 million in Rivian, an electric vehicle startup that has also seen big investment from Amazon. And it's going to use Volkswagen's MEB architecture to build battery EVs for European markets. But next year, before either of those efforts bears fruit, we'll get to see Ford's first in-house, long-range BEV hit the showroom. And now it's official—the new vehicle will be badged the Mustang Mach-E.


Right now there aren't really any more details to share. I've heard rumors of a 4-second 0-60 time and 300+ miles of range for the range-topping version. But I'm off to California tomorrow morning for an embargoed briefing on the new BEV, and you'll have to wait until the Mach-E is revealed to the world at 6:30pm ET on Sunday, November 17 to find out what I learned. You'll also be able to put a refundable $500 deposit down once the car is unveiled by Idris Elba via livestream, in both the US and EU.


As of now, all I have to officially share are the above photos of the plastic, faceted pony that Ford sent out as an invite and the augmented reality version taken with the event app that Ford made me download. If you're particularly taken with the stealth-horse, keep an eye out for our end-of-year charity drive, as it will be up for grabs (along with a very heavy Mustang Shelby GT500 supercharger paperweight).


There have been some spy shots of the Mach-E that have escaped into the wild, which show that Ford is leaning into the Mustang styling link with the tail lights, which will no doubt inflame emotions among the Mustang's massive fanbase, many of whom are already livid about the pony car's name being given to a four-door crossover. If that's you, head to the comments now and unleash that invective! But people buy crossovers, and Ford wants to sell BEVs, so purists be damned, I guess.


Listing image by Jonathan Gitlin



Source: Ford opens its order books for Mustang Mach-E electric crossover (Ars Technica)  


(To view the article's image gallery, please visit the above link)

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