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Does NOX player have malware/adware ?


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I stop messing  with Android apps on desktop ages ago  ,  they been many reports  that the emulators have  malware  not  just Nox Player but others too , is  NOD32  flagging the installer It's hard to tell NOD 32 flag PUP if you have it set up to detect it  which have many false positives  can you post me your NOD32  log of what it says ?  Or its it detecting  it after you installed it and maybe one of your apps have malware?  All them ads and things Android apps have will always be problematic with and antivirus. :yes:


Edit: Segurazo is a  potentially unwanted application  (PUA) Fake Antivirus


And the Nox Player support  says it's safe so they sold out  to a Fake Antivirus



Since the app needs internet to work  i would switch to something else if  it's something you must have . I dont need a emulator I have a program on Linux that lets me make my own webapps with a chrome or a Firefox backend of any website.  with and ad-blocker of my choice  .




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Malware byte is detected Nox player Installer as PUP too.


Btw if you really want to use Android emulator I recommend BlueStacks + Bluestacks tweak ( I am using this too atm :)


bstweaker.tk   have a lot of option remove ad , Unlock all the theme , root etc,  ( here an example from my computer )












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