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Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.1.7


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Lots of problems still NOT SOLVED !!!   :wtf:

Started a few days ago with version 3.1.6 , not possible to update ; "  request aborted, can not make a secure SSL/TLS channel " .

Still dont know HOW TO SOLVE this annoying error , never seen before !

I know  Im not the only one who can not update ..........a solution would be very welcome .

Contacted support , they say ; install the latest again , which I did , without result .............:(


After using the installer 3.1.7 , over the previous 3.1.6 , I got 3.1.6 installed !!  So no 3.1.7 ! ??

Something is very wrong with latest versions..........!!!!

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Same issues as Pete 12 above and other members have reported in another thread. I was unable to install v.3.1.7 over my existing v.3.1.6 and in-fact I was unable to uninstall Windows 10 Manager v.3.1.6 (using Revo Pro) stating I needed some Windows 10 Disk blah. I downloaded the Windows 10 Manager Remover file (W10MRemover.exe), only 15 KB, and clicked on it. Although it did not remove Windows 10 Manager but I was able this time to install Windows 10 Manager v.3.1.7 over my existing v.3.1.6 and now the Live Update works and it actually wanted me to download a load of additional language files. https://www.yamicsoft.com/faq.html 'Why can not install the new version'  - direct download link https://www.yamicsoft.com/windows10manager/tools/W10MRemover.exe Note, it also has removers for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Updated to ver. 3.1.7 ( used installer-3.1.7) from 3.1.6 without any issues.Had to re-patch & re-register though.

Win10 Enterprise 1909 x64.


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Indeed, error has been fixed by using the install-tool and installing 3.1.7................!     :D

So version 3.1.6 is a corrupt version ...........lets hope all stays well in future !

btw; thanks for all the help I got from the forum-members   :thumbsup:

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To avoid problems you should delete the previous version and install the new one
This version is the latest version is activated and silent

Windows 10 Manager Version 3.1.7 Pre Activated Silent


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I had the same experience as Supremee. I uninstalled v3.1.6 and then installed v3.1.7. Used the keygen to re-register. Works fine.

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