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TSMC adding 8,000 new jobs as it focuses on 3nm and beyond


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In brief: Industry-leading semiconductor foundry TSMC has announced it is adding 8,000 new jobs to its already expansive workforce as it focuses on manufacturing 3nm process nodes and beyond.

As reported by Taiwan News, Mark Liu, the executive chairman of TSMC, revealed the plans at a tech networking event last week. The 8,000 new jobs will add to the estimated 49,000 workers at the firm and will be located at the company’s new R&D center in Northern Taiwan. Construction of the facility is expected to begin next year and be completed by the end of 2020.


The publication writes that a TSMC employee said the new campus will be dedicated to developing 3nm semiconductor chips. Last year, the company confirmed that it would be investing $25 billion in 5-nanometer node technology, despite having just begun mass production on its 7nm process. The company plans to roll out 5nm designs as early as the first half of 2020.


TSMC recently began construction on its $19.5 billion fab that will manufacture 3nm chips, which are scheduled for mass production in 2023. As noted by Tom’s Hardware, CEO C.C. Wei earlier this year said 3nm development was “going well” and that it was engaging with early customers on the technology definition.


In other TSMC news, the company recently said it wasn’t planning on moving chip production to the US. The American government made the request as a way of ensuring security for defense chips, but TSMC believes the costs would be too high. Liu said the firm “aims to resolve chip security issues by developing new technology to track where chips go and prevent them from being tampered with.”



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