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Chrome 78 Disables Code Integrity Check to Mitigate "Aw Snap!" Crashes


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Google decided to temporarily disable the Code Integrity feature activated in Chrome as users report more "Aw Snap!" crashes caused by incompatible software on the system.




The issue was initially identified on systems with outdated versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) and was pinned to incompatibility with the Renderer Code Integrity feature from Microsoft that had been just enabled in Chrome 78.

Three more apps cause Chrome to snap

Both Symantec and Google provided solutions to this problem (use the latest SEP release or disable the code integrity protection in the browser) but "Aw Snap!" crash reports kept coming.


However, new apps have been found to be incompatible with Microsoft's security mechanism in Chrome. The mechanism prevents binaries that are not signed by Microsoft from being loaded by the browser.


"We have confirmed that in addition to the known incompatibility with specific versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection, some additional software applications may be causing “Aw, Snap!” messages in the latest Chrome M78 release."


In an update on Tuesday, Google informs that "Aw Snap!" crashes also happen on systems running PC Matic and Palo Alto Networks' Traps security products, as well as the Print Audit Infinite tool for tracking document printing across the local network.

Feature disabled temporarily

The new crash reports determined Google to turn off the code verification feature in its browser until compatibility with other software products is improved, says Craig Tumblison, Chrome support manager.


This decision is to give some time to developers with products causing this sort of disruption to find a way to fulfill their functions without injecting code into Chrome. Google intends to re-enable the feature in mid-November.


Users of software products causing this problem are recommended to contact the app developer to find out when a fix will be available. Users are advised to keep their software up-to-date to avoid this problem.



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