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Microsoft beats Amazon to win the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract


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Microsoft beats Amazon to win the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract

It’s finally over



The US government has awarded a giant $10 billion cloud contract to Microsoft, the Department of Defense has confirmed. Known as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), the contract will provide the Pentagon with cloud services for basic storage and power all the way up to artificial intelligence processing, machine learning, and the ability to process mission-critical workloads.


It’s a key contract for Microsoft as the company battles Amazon for cloud dominance, and for a while it was up in the air as to whether Microsoft or Amazon would win this particular one. IBM and Oracle were both eliminated for the bidding back in April, leaving just Microsoft and Amazon as the only companies that could meet the requirements. The contract has been controversial throughout the bidding process, and Oracle lost a legal challenge after it claimed the contract has conflicts of interest.


President Trump even got involved during the bidding process, saying the government was looking at the contract after “getting enormous complaints” from competitors to Amazon and Microsoft. Trump has been a critic of Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos over the company’s tax arrangements.


While the contract award, which will last for 10 years, will be seen as a big win for Microsoft, employees might not necessarily agree. Thousands of Google employees protested against the tech giant’s involvement in the Pentagon’s “pathfinder” AI program, known as Project Maven. Google was ultimately forced to step back from the work, and wasn’t part of the final bidding process for this contract.


Microsoft employees have also called on the company to drop its HoloLens US Army contract, which could eventually provide more than 100,000 of the augmented reality headsets for combat and training in the military. Microsoft is still honoring the contract, and the US Army are already using modified HoloLens 2 headsets for soldiers.



Source: Microsoft beats Amazon to win the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract Source: (The Verge)

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The only reason Microsoft won was politics Trump hates Bezos and Amazon is being investigated for not paying taxes and ripping  off the post office by  Trump , Congress  and many  states because of it.




Microsoft is not even Transparent about how much Azure is worth Amazon makes more in 4 months  than that  contract  is worth in it' the 10 years M$ will have it .  10 billion for   10 years is only like a billion a year that not worth much to almost Trillion dollar outfits . This shows how greedy big tech is to take there blood money  when  both Companies are both almost worth a Trillion dollars they dont even need that money  like a new start up would. 😞


If the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure deal, known by the acronym JEDI, ends up being worth $10 billion, it would likely be a bigger deal to Microsoft than it would have been to Amazon. Microsoft does not disclose Azure revenue in dollar figures but it's widely believed to have a smaller share of the market than Amazon, which received $9 billion in revenue from AWS in the third quarter.


Also Microsoft  dont have no morals they own GitHub  and renewed  contracts with ICE witch are housing people like Animals .



Google  canceled contracts with the Government and cached crap about wanting to return to China with a search engine when Microsoft never left and have been Censoring Bing for China for years now since day 1. Just like the rest of the USA Tech Companies that have offices in China censor for China . Only thing they care about  is money they have no morals at all .


Microsoft's Bing search engine accused of 'censoring' sensitive Chinese topics




Only reason Microsoft  kept there noise clean from the Big Tech  Backlash this time  is after paying billions of dollars  in the past , they learn the art of putting up Smoke and Mirrors  and now  the others  will follow suit and copy them . Nothing ever changes for the better  only  they give people a false sense of  privacy and security  by puting up Smoke and Mirrors .

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29 minutes ago, Infinite_Vision said:

We’re surprised about this conclusion. AWS is the clear leader in cloud computing, and a detailed assessment purely on the comparative offerings clearly lead to a different conclusion,” an Amazon spokesperson told us in an emailed comment.

How can this happen?

10 Reasons To Choose AWS



10 Reasons To Choose AWS


1. Location, Location, Location

Despite its relatively humble beginnings, AWS has grown to be the worldwide leader in cloud computing. It now operates 44 availability zones within 16 geographic regions around the world. There are also 14 more availability zones in the works, along with five more regions including  China. So whatever your geographic preference, AWS has you covered. This diverse array of geographic options also lends itself to other notable features, such as…

2. Automated Multi-Region Backups

AWS offers various backup methods including AMIs and EBS snapshots. And the decentralized nature and global reach of AWS makes it easy and affordable to store critical information in multiple geographic locations. So if your primary production environment is taken offline due to a natural or manmade disaster, the backup data won’t be affected. And third-party services such as CloudRanger simplify the process even further, allowing businesses to automatically schedule backups across AWS regions without the need for in-house scripting (more on that later).

3. Streamlined Disaster Recovery

For some businesses, even a small amount of downtime or data loss spells disaster. For others, the cost of (limited) downtime/data loss does not outweigh the cost of maintaining a multi-site/Hot Standby recovery method. But whatever your business’s tolerance for downtime/data loss may be, AWS’s versatile platform can provide you with the right tools for your disaster recovery plan. And third-party services such as CloudRanger can also simplify your AWS disaster recovery by quickly restoring your data across multiple regions in the event of a disaster.

4. Consistency & Reliability

While AWS is an extremely useful platform for backups and disaster recovery, it is also extremely reliable. Despite a high-profile outage earlier this year, an independent review found that since 2015, AWS has been “far better at keeping its public cloud service running than either Microsoft or Google.” It also found that 40 percent of the platform’s total downtime during the same time period was tied to a single outage.

5. Flexibility & Scalability

In the early days of Amazon, company engineers developed a computing infrastructure that could be easily scaled up or down to quickly meet the needs of the growing business. This extremely flexible system is now the hallmark of AWS, and is one of the main reasons to choose AWS. Thanks to the company’s massive cloud-based platform, businesses no longer have to deal with the constraints of a physical computing infrastructure, and can rest assured that access to servers and storage is available on demand.    

6. Simple Automated Scheduling

Another one of the multiple reasons to choose AWS is the ability to start and stop various instances at predetermined times. For example, the ability to schedule services such as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service (RDS) means they won’t have to run during off hours or weekends. And with the help of third-party tools such as CloudRanger, there’s no scripting required. Which leads us to our next point…

7. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

We’ve already established that Amazon’s flexible cloud-computing platform allows users to automate routine tasks and quickly scale capacity up or down as needed. But we haven’t discussed the fact that this extreme flexibility lets Amazon offer a pay-as-you-go approach which can greatly improve your business’s bottom line (by as much as 70 percent, in some cases)And of all the reasons to choose AWS, the platform’s flexible pricing structure may be the most popular. Because customers are able to stop and start instances as needed, they only end up paying for what they use. And the fact that users can easily adjust storage/server levels up or down means overspending on capacity and infrastructure is a thing of the past.

8. Customization

But the flexibility of AWS doesn’t stop there. The platform also allows for a high level of customization to meet the needs of individual businesses. For example, customer-defined tagging allows users to easily monitor and manage resources. From cost tracking and security to organization and automation, there’s virtually no limit to how or why customizable AWS tags can be utilized.

9. Security

Whether you’re a tiny one-man startup or an enterprise-level behemoth, AWS offers the same level of world-class security. The company’s data centers maintain the highest standards, which saves you from the headache of having to secure your own facilities. AWS also manages “dozens of compliance programs in its infrastructure” and an extensive security support network that can offer real-time insight on suspicious activity and potential vulnerabilities.

10. Third Party APIs
In keeping with the overall flexibility of the platform, AWS API means you can manage your cloud-based infrastructure in various programming languages. It also means that various third-party services like CloudRanger are available to help you utilize all of the time-and-cost-saving features AWS has to offer. From automated backups to EC2 and RDS instances, CloudRanger can help you automate routine yet necessary AWS tasks without the need for scripting. 

About CloudRanger

CloudRanger provides the world’s easiest to use backup and recovery solution for Amazon Web Services. We make it easy to manage your backups & servers running on AWS cloud. Using CloudRanger, you can easily manage backups and retention of your RDS, EC2 and Redshift resources with snapshots and AMIs.

With an easy to use interface, managing your routine AWS tasks is simple and effective. CloudRanger saves your team time and hassle, making the day-to-day management of your AWS resources easier and more automated. CloudRanger can also help you save on your EC2 costs by starting/stopping non-production instances automatically when you need them.

Try CloudRanger for Free

Whether you are a small business, a medium business, or an enterprise user of Amazon Web Services, CloudRanger has the backup and recovery features that will meet your specific needs. Our easy-to-use AWS cloud management system is simple to install, which means your business can be up and running with CloudRanger in no time. And best of all, you can even try CloudRanger for free for 14 days. So why not experience all the cost-saving features and time-saving benefits CloudRanger has to offer?



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