WTF?! The risks associated with publicly sharing personal information on social media are fairly well known at this point. Although most people usually end up in some online casual stalking or getting to know the whereabouts of someone they fancy (or fancied), things got a bit too creepy when Hibiki Sato, a 26-year-old man from Saitama, Japan, used his time of unemployment to track down the location of Japanese pop star Ena Matsuoka, by zooming in on eye reflections in her social media posts and identifying a bus station near her apartment.

The eyes might be the windows to the soul, but as it turns out, they could also be the ones to your home. A rare but real possibility in the face of personal photos being shared on social media in high frequencies and even higher resolutions.

An incident of similar nature occurred in Japan, where Tokyo police arrested a man suspected of tracking down and allegedly assaulting a 21-year-old female pop star Ena Matsuoka, after she finished a concert and was returning to her apartment. Sato, suspect the police, came to know of the singer's whereabouts by scrutinizing reflections in her eyes from her selfies posted on social media.

Hibiki Sato identified scenery and landmarks from the photos to narrow down his area of interest using Google Street View and confirmed to the police about locating a bus stop near Ena's apartment, which he was able to see in her eye reflections. He even managed to find out the exact floor of her apartment by going through her videos posted on social media and observing the placement of curtains and the direction of natural light coming through the window.

"People should be fully aware that posting pictures and video on social media runs the risk of divulging personal data," said a police investigator. Following his arrest, Sato testified being a huge fan of Matsuoka and was charged with indecent assault resulting in injury.