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Microsoft Office can do that easily. Open then save it in the format you want.

For free, OpenOffice.org may also do that. Not sure though.

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Does someone know a good and free converter that converts the following;

  • From .docx to .doc
  • From .xml to .xls


Did you mean xlsx to xls ?

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just use the Save As... command

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Office 2007 on up can save the docx file which was created by 2007+, as a doc format. All other versions below that will require this format.

XML - xls.. may be a little more tricky ( if thats what you mean ) and your going to need the original programs that created them.. if in fact you men the same effect as the DOCX files .. then the same applies.

If anything you could download the new trial for Office Beta 2010...and run one of the cloud apps to convert.. should only take a few minutes to install and get going..IF you choose the cloud editions ( Student or Home ).. otherwise you will download a large file to install..

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