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Animated Guide To Building Your Own PC


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Interested in building your own PC or want to know what's inside the box? Check out this site.

PCitYourself is a fantastic and free site on how to build your own PC. The animations and directions are outstanding and cover just about every aspect. Why would you want to build your own PC? One, if you build your own PC you can replace or upgrade the components without buying a new computer. Which brings us to warranties: when you build your own PC, the only warranties are the ones for individual components, which vary widely. There are no penalties for opening the case. PCitYourself has another excellent explanation: 'One of the best things about building your own computer is that you can choose every single part yourself. Not only does this mean that you can buy parts that suit your needs exactly, but you can also make sure that every component is of good quality.'

The PCitYourself site is divided into three sections:

- Choosing: Helps you understand each part in a PC and what to look for when you're picking out components.

- Building: Animated videos take you step by step through the process of building a PC.

- Installing: Booting your PC for the first time and get an operating system up and running.

Each segment lists what's needed in each step and the animations show you how, where, and in what order to put everything together. The site covers four types of computers and lists what they do and the types of hardware needed for each. There's the Budget PC, the HomePC, the Gaming PC, and the Workstation PC.

There's a section that demystifies the BIOS somewhat, and a few recommended retailers. The vendors currently listed are amazon and newegg. Personally, almost every component of every computer I've built has come from newegg. I have nothing to do with newegg other than purchasing parts and wishing I had a few of everything they have in stock. :)

I'm impressed by the quality of information at this site and the animations are spot on and fun to watch. I won't mention how many times I've watched all the parts fly together at the introduction to building page though it's in the double digits. :)

Link: http://www.pcityourself.com/index.php

Source: http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/awesome-animated-guide-building-your-own-pc.htm

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Thanx. You know. I've been feelin that this time I'll make my own PC as my engineer has limited time. BTW what is the lowest aged person to make a CPU? :unsure:

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did it two years ago , and want to build a new one


thank u , look forward some good tips

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