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What's new in Google Earth 5.1? Not much


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What's new in Google Earth 5.1? Not much

When we hear "update" and "Google Earth" in the same sentence, we're used to groundbreaking additions to Google's high-powered, interactive, and ever-expanding desktop globe. In Google Earth 5, that's meant tools to explore the oceans, sky, and Earth's ruddy neighboring planet.

But Google Earth 5.1 for Windows and Mac is a mere tremor. In fact, if you've been playing around with Google Earth 5.1 beta, only Mac users should notice a change--that the Google Earth browser plug-in comes bundled in the download.

Still, the minor update should still be noticeable for those making the switch from Google Earth 5. Google has made some changes under the hood to improve speed and performance. Using compression technology to make images load faster, and improving the other ways that the app handles graphics, Google claims that Earth now loads 25 percent faster and soars the globe in smoother motions.

In addition, both Mac and Windows versions of Google Earth 5.1 pack in the browser plug-in, so you can explore Google Earth from the browser--Firefox and Safari for Mac users; Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer for Windows. Before, you needed to install the plug-ins separately. The move to drop the beta from Google Earth 5.1 comes just two days after Google released Google Earth for iPhone 2.0.

Source - CNET

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