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Macrium Reflect Free/Home/Workstation/Server/Server Plus


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Macrium Reflect is an image based backup and disaster recovery solutions which have taken another big step forward in speed, simplicity and power, focusing on helping organisations protect business critical data and systems, without fuss and budget breaking costs.


Available  Editions : Free, Home, Workstation, Server, Server Plus.

Comparison Chart : https://www.macrium.com/product-comparison




Free Edition : Macrium Free Edition Downloader : https://updates.macrium.com/reflect/v7/ReflectDLHF.exe


Home (x86) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=0&arch=0&redirect=Y
Home (x64) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=0&arch=1&redirect=Y


Workstation (x86) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=1&arch=0&redirect=Y
Workstation (x64) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=1&arch=1&redirect=Y


Server (x86) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=2&arch=0&redirect=Y
Server (x64) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=2&arch=1&redirect=Y


Server Plus (x86) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=3&arch=0&redirect=Y
Server Plus (x86) : http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=3&arch=1&redirect=Y


Note : This program is is now added to the frontpage listings.

All new updates should be posted in the Frontpage Software Updates forum.

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Great program...even I can use it!! I make regular images and have sometimes mounted an old image to retrieve some files. If you are looking for reliability, ease of use speed and efficiency in an imaging program  then I wholeheartedly recommend Macrium.

The fact that I won a lifetime licence here on Nsane just makes things even sweeter!!!)😀😀😀

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Yes , Macrium is faaar out the super-best for backup/restore ...............its faaast and ........reliable also !!   :thumbsup:


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42 minutes ago, Pete 12 said:

new version is out ; 7.2.4398   :whistle:

Links from first post still point to 4325, but get the direct link and change the version and voilà...





same with other versions, I suppose (not tested) ;)

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Just downloaded ;  http://download.macrium.com/reflect/v7/v7.2.4398/reflect_server_plus_setup_x64.exe

This gave me the setup of the latest Server Plus-version .

Will now try to install with latest medicin and make a boot-CD with it.

Will let you know............:whistle:


OK, just tested this new one , made boot-CD with old ,working (!) medicin, made a backup of my OS , with verifying .............went very fast , 5 minutes for 14,5GB.

Redeploy present also.............!

Conclusion ; very usefull tool, a real "must-have" , if you want to play safe...............:clap:

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All links:



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