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[Android Giveaway] AMC Security Pro - Clean & Boost - 1 year free


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AMC Security (full name is Advanced Mobile Care) is the All-in-one security and acceleration application for Android phones and tablets. Used by more than 10,000,000 users, AMC Security helps optimize and speed up RAM, clean junk files, clean up cache to free up your phone's storage, speed up your phone. AMC Security also provides real-time protection, helps protect against phishing websites, protects privacy on phones and payment security.


★ All-in-one security and acceleration application for Android phones

★ Get over 10,000,000 trusted users

★ Support 30+ languages


AMC Security All-in-one Features:

✔Clear and optimized in just one touch

✔ Phone acceleration and Game

✔ Battery acceleration pin Battery saver hìnhScreen saver when charging

✔Cleaning notifications Protection shields toánPayment security ốngAnti-scam Web Browsing protection

✔Access monitor

✔Application management

✔Simple and friendly interface

✔AMC Swipe


Key features:

Scan and clean up AMC Security provides two types of scans to optimize and release lots of content amount for phone. One-touch intelligent scanning helps clean up all cached junk, private logs, unused files, unused APK files and disconnects running applications. Deep scan clean large files, downloaded files and thumbnail files, speed up the phone.


Speed Up Phone

Helps to stop active applications in the background and clean up RAM to speed up your device with just one touch.


Power up

Speed up autostart applications to free memory.


Battery saving

Optimized & saving modes, day and night mode save battery.


Speed Up Games

Improve your gaming speed and experience, making gaming smoother without lag.



IObit's cloud service provides a real-time update plug-in whenever you access a website that is found to be phishing, it will help you avoid getting into these scams.


Payment Protection

Helps you find fake applications so you can remove them before being stolen. Every time you run a payment application, it will still quietly protect you on the platform.


Browsing Protection

Lock websites containing malicious software, URLs and phishing content and alert you immediately by IObit Cloud Services when you are in danger.


Shield Protection

Remind you to turn on Wi-Fi Protection so you can check Wi-Fi encryption, phishing ARP and even MITM. It also looks at other important device settings and gives you unsafe suggestions.


Access monitoring

Privacy monitoring and protection of your data from being leaked.


Application Manager

Manage all applications and APK files to free up more memory.


Note: An AMC Security Pro account can be used on multiple devices at the same time since you updated to version 5.0.



Download apk here:






One-year premium code: ANNYINFOTECHINB8




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