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NSA helps Apple, Sun and Red Hat harden their systems


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Vertical integration is the method here. Once everything is all sown together, it will be used to control every vestige of our lives. The past of freedom will be forgotten once everything is Monopolized. Choice will become a crime as a one sided view becomes mandatory. Sad thing is this: most of you will never see it coming. In the disguise of goodness, things like this will take place.
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Vertical Integration is a good idea based on some of the basic ideals of human nature.. Working together as a team to accomplish a common goal for progression of an ideal or objective..If you don't have this.. Well lets just say that going to the store and even trying to grab a cup of coffee of fill up your car with Ethanol would be so stress-full.. inefficient that you would probably give up or again become imprisoned to another 'FORCED' environment.. in which people GIVE UP.. Very disheartening..

Monopolies on the other hand and actions that procure or facilitate that movement are ILLEGAL... even going to a competitor and soliciting a job to employees of the company is ILLEGAL.. There are many business laws out there.. a proper class.. research and understanding of what they can and cannot do legally.. even with a twisted loop-hole may enlighten the original ideal or possible picture you may have.. Our government gets very interested in facilitating various areas.. railroading prices and things that are forcing the standard of living down.. by costing more is not going to be a side effect they want..it lead to very unsavory thing.. and a domino effect .. much of which some of the ideals that you express.. and things that I have read seem to point to you believing in an possibly ..maybe in a way hoping for.. to get the end result..

EDIT: Uhh hmm.. back on Topic.. You want to know what all of this means? Grab an installation of Windows 7 Ultimate.. Now go through your Firewall settings and check out what UAC protects.. also note that there are several HIPS/HIDS factors played.. with protection a security in mind.. ONE whole is the one exploit they will use.. Back-dooring something.. I don't think so.. unless its a mass conspiracy and corruption to make all of the American People and people all over the world vulnerable.. a Mafia move.. like in a gang... so that they only have one place they have to run too..

You should realize that if they wanted.. they wouldn't have too.. to confirm your fear but place it appropriately.. They work to achieve their goal.. and their position.. Otherwise.. there is no need.. and all you have is your best.. and your neighbors best.. NEVER FOR procuring the same things..It would fall apart in matter of hours..

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I haven't updated to Windows 7 yet because:

  • I have no time
  • My PC didn't pass some of the requirements
  • My CPU doesn't support virtualization
  • And others I forgot about

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Yeah me too.. but I have installed on another machine.. and I love it.. I need to change my processor ( which I can't.. damn Celeron Socket ) Limited on RAM on the mobo.. and can expand my video chip.. 64 MB.. which doesn't support the version Direct X I need.. I have to get a new system.. to have it running as it should..

EDIT: ...all that aside may just do it anyway..LOL The other machine is worse than this one an runs relatively okay for a light beginner user...so this one would probably be okay.. But I really do demand performance form my system .. what worries me a little.. plus its one appliance that replaces 20 others in the average home.. that I don't own or have..including TV..

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If you really want performance out of your system, then try TinyXP revision 9 ^_^

I have a old copy of that somewhere.. I need to update it while I m thinking about it..

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