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Stream-Rippers Successfully Counter YouTube’s Blocking Efforts


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Last week YouTube started to block stream-ripping sites from accessing its platform. The new measure, which is part of the company's efforts to prevent unauthorized downloading, was welcomed by the music industry and other stakeholders. The targeted sites are not sitting still, however, with several managing to successfully bypass the blocking efforts.

sadyoutube.jpgAfter the music industry complained about YouTube stream-rippers for many years, the streaming service took a drastic measure last week.

As first reported here, YouTube began blocking several popular stream-ripping tools, which resulted in these sites becoming unusable.

YouTube didn’t repond to our request for comment, but it appeared to be a concerted efforts to prevent outsiders from downloading music from the platform. A big move, which generated widespread attention, all the way up to the US Congress.

House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, reportedly reached out to Google in response. Nadler is a driving force behind many copyright reform proposals and known as a staunch advocate of a more aggresive anti-piracy approach by tech companies.

According to CNET, Nadler was interested in hearing more about the blocking measures, and he’s not alone. Several music industry insiders have shown a keen interest in the developments as well, and the RIAA is cautiously optimistic following the news.

“While we do not yet know how effective these new measures are, we applaud YouTube for taking affirmative steps towards shutting down the fastest growing form of music piracy,” RIAA boss Mitch Glazier said.

YouTube, meanwhile, has yet to respond to our request for more details. CNET was more lucky, and quotes the video platform stating that “some MP3 stream ripping sites” were blocked after the platform made some changes recently.

“It’s our desire to be good partners to our content licensors as our interests are aligned on thwarting violative downloads and downloader site,” YouTube added in a statement.

While YouTube is happy to side with the music industry and the music industry is pleased with the enforcement efforts, the blocked sites are not sitting still. As is often the case when something becomes blocked online, people quickly find ways to thwart or circumvent the efforts.

And indeed, little over a week after the blocking efforts started, many of the targeted sites are able to rip MP3s from YouTube again.

Mp3-youtube.download almost instantly announced that it was working on a fix and today the site is working just fine. The same is true for Dlnowsoft.com, which was also blocked last week, as well as the massively popular Onlinevideoconverter.com, which is among the top 200 most-visited sites on the Internet.

Ripping again…

TorrentFreak spoke to the operator of a stream-ripping site who prefers to remain anonymous. He confirmed that bypassing YouTube’s block wasn’t that complicated. Simply moving the site to new IP-addresses did the trick.

“To fix the problem, we simply used other servers that are not in the range of IP-addresses blocked by YouTube,” the operator of the stream-ripping site informed us.

If YouTube is indeed serious about its efforts to take out ‘voliative’ stream-ripping sites, it will likely block the new IP-addresses as well, eventually. This will then trigger a proverbial cat and mouse game, one we know all too well from other pirate site blocking efforts.

Although it’s unlikely that YouTube can completely ban stream-ripping sites from its platform, continued blocking efforts may eventually prompt some site operators and users to give up. Whether these users will switch to legal services or other ”free’ resources, remains a question, of course.


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I have one that's bookmarked  in my speed dial  that let download everything it never was blocked and they was many  more was not blocked as well  Talking to Torrent Freak about getting around it is a good way to get blocked again  if all you did was change ips  they will look up what ip your site is using and block it.  Only ones that got blocked were the ones  that they were  using in userscripts  ,  browser extensions , the ones being took to court and the ones with a lot of visitors . they was still many never was blocked  to begin  with .





The reason the music industry   is mad is because Google makes drm  they they even have free movies on there platform  that use it that you cant download , also spotify  uses Google drm .


If they pulled all the music off YouTube  people would get upset  for a bit but  in the end they would just pirate it somewhere else . The 1st music platform was Napster then Apple invented iTunes to combat Napster  and people started removing drm off Apple music and pirating it.  I don't care what they do i want buy no site they copy from pirates ,I will just get from a pirate site like i always do i 'm sure not going to archive upscale mp3 or even 160 kps opus , Back a few years ago YouTube had m4a that was as good as  iTunes  now they dropped the bitrates  way low, vimeo music videos have way better audio than YouTube even . . :rofl:

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they're more upset that we look at cat videos and watching influences travel.

but even my daughter uses my youtube to listen to specific music.

would not give any stats for spotify on my played tunes. even if i support
some creators more than others. =)

btw, google needs to adhere to copyright lawyers and pretend to secure a
thing that can't be secured.

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56 minutes ago, halvgris said:

btw, google needs to adhere to copyright lawyers and pretend to secure a
thing that can't be secured.

oh yes they can secure it  very easy if they wanted by  just turning there drm on all copyright protected  videos  .


Like they done here try to download these movies the normal user  can't , only the scene and private torrent groups  have tools to download these videos .



The fact is they don't want too upgrade there site to adhere to copyright  ,they already have the tools in place already to block you.. Part of there site already have videos you cant download they just don't do it for the music industry yet but they already  block you if they from the movie industry or TV industry and are copyright protected.


There DRM have always worked good for Spotify  , Netflix and Amazon  its noob  proof , only normal users can record these streams  , but it's not scene proof  , but the scene is not  going be downloading from them noway unless it's YouTube  Red shows witch are not free. When they release  music they use a real source not some stepped  on audio from YouTube .


They don't protect the music at all  i have JDownloader  ,XDM , Youtube-DL  GUI . A user script   and Nuclear alt these work without a 3rd party site to download audio . Also with  VLC  , SMPlayer , MPV  and Nuclear  i can stream it  audio only  .




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