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Top Gun: Maverick world premiere trailer: It’s not just F-18s this time


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Top Gun: Maverick world premiere trailer: It’s not just F-18s this time

Two-minute trailer is scant on details, so we pick apart Maverick's return.



San Diego Comic Con's tentpole Thursday morning panel, dedicated to the Paramount and Skydance film Terminator: Dark Fate, saw an interruption from another big face at that combined film company: Tom Cruise. Tom, apparently, couldn't let Arnold Schwarzenegger have all the fun, as he used the opportunity to reveal the first public footage of next year's Top Gun: Maverick.


The two-minute trailer is at its most impressive when we see Cruise continuing his streak for performing his own stunts, as he's established in so many Mission: Impossible films up until now. Unless Cruise and company have figured out a whole new level of CGI and green-screen trickery, that sure looks like the actor himself piloting an F-18 as it takes off from a Naval aircraft carrier at sea—and then pulling some serious Gs while flying over a snowy mountainside in formation.


In terms of plot, we see a face-off with a rear admiral played by actor Ed Harris. Harris is angry about Cruise's unwillingness to retire after "30-plus years of service" and his continued status as a Navy captain. "You should at least be a two-star admiral by now," Harris says. Eventually, Harris insists that "your kind is headed for extinction," which might hint to the Navy's increased emphasis on automation or remotely controlled crafts.


"Maybe so, sir," Cruise replies. "But not today."


The most tantalizing plot hint in the trailer comes from Cruise's choice of attire in two snippets: a pressure suit, which isn't standard-issue attire for sitting in an F-18. Sure enough, at one point, Cruise is seen sitting in something other than the iconic Navy aircraft. We may very well be missing a good angle on an otherwise standard-issue Navy aircraft option, but knowing Cruise's flair for the dramatic, Occam's razor likely does not apply.


Everything else notable in the trailer, including our first look at Jon Hamm and Jennifer Connelly as new Top Gun characters, can be seen in the above gallery. Or you can watch the dramatic trailer below.


Top Gun: Maverick world premiere trailer


Listing image by Paramount / Skydance



Source: Top Gun: Maverick world premiere trailer: It’s not just F-18s this time  (Ars Technica)


(To view the article's image gallery, please visit the above link.)

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