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Thanks for the time and the title, but i have to leave.


Regards, ex-nsane now exclusive discord-doggie.

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Nah, MDL and nsane are mostly annoying due to users neither listening nor reading carefully.


AiOWarez, reddit and my discord are sufficient ... rest was bonus and isn't needed at all.

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Well I may not be fully tuned in to the situation, and I respect your decision, but as both a former moderator and admin of several scene groups and MMO Bot community forums, annoying as fuck users are going to be everywhere.  Unfortunately some people just want to "click something and be done" then cry about it not working rather than figure it out themselves.  Perfect example, I worked on a not to be named paid bot for a very popular not to be named MMO as staff, and wrote an installer for the files that the creator coded to run the app.  Just getting people to understand C++ Runtimes were a dependency seemed impossible to the point, I had to code the installer to check if it was installed, then download and install it if not, then continue extracting the actual program files and writing the reg keys....  Thats part of being a dev, support for stupid people that cant read directions.  As far as stupid admins at mdl, i dont understand what that has to do with anything here.


All said I respect your decision as it is yours to make.

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@s1ave77 you are just like the members who you had just mentioned that they don't ever read. The guidelines say we don't delete accounts upon requested. If you aren't happy staying here or at MDL then you can simply just stop joining here, and I wish we have the option to delete your account. Moreover, this is not a public matter, you could just simply PM any admin in here to request that, but you would have the same answer.


Topic closed.



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