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OneDrive for Windows 10 to be the latest UWP app to be replaced by a PWA


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Microsoft has been slowly phasing out its old UWP apps in favour of more universal applications built on web technologies, and it appears the latest victim of the trend is the unloved OneDrive UWP app.


Noticed by Windows developer Florian B, who posted the screenshots below, the new app does not appear be rolling out to everyone yet.












It is notable however that according to the app manifest it only requires Windows 10 1803, ie the April 2018 update, meaning it could be coming to everyone soon.


The web app is currently version, vs 17.30.30 for the (old) UWP app.


I suspect that the OneDrive UWP app will not be much missed.  It is generally clunky with few features, with the web app, for example, offering better search for photos.




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