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YouTube launches video syndication service


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'Connect' will allow sites to receive uploaded videos

Video sharing giant YouTube has launched a new service which the company hopes will empower people to break major news stories.

Dubbed 'YouTube Direct,' the new service allows news sites to obtain user-submitted content and re-post the videos in news reports. The service allows site administrators to embed an upload application based on YouTube's own tools

"Built from our APIs, this open source application lets media organizations enable customized versions of YouTube's upload platform on their own websites," the company said in a blog posting.

"Users can upload videos directly into this application, which also enables the hosting organization to easily review video submissions and select the best ones to broadcast on-air and on their websites."

The company said that the YouTube Direct service will enable citizen journalists to better contribute to breaking news stories. By allowing news sites to directly manage submissions, the company hopes to cut down on the time which it takes for video of news stories to reach readers.

Additionally, the company suggested that the service could allow enterprises to better connect with customers and allow users to contribute to public campaigns by sharing their own videos and ideas.

User-driven sites and social networking services have played increasingly important roles in news coverage in recent years. Events such as the protests in Iran and government crackdown in Burma have relied heavily on videos and reports from citizens within those countries.

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