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Hackers sentenced for Trojan bank heist


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Cyber thieves face as much as four years for attack

A group of four cybercriminals have been sentenced to jail time for attempting to steal money and credentials from bank accounts in the UK.

The group of four men were given sentences ranging from four and a half years to 21 months for their parts in the theft and laundering scam.

According to media reports, the men used the PSP2-BBB trojan application to perform 'man in the middle' attacks which redirected money transfers to third party accounts.

After the money was transferred, Metropolitan Police say that 'money mules' accessed the funds and re-sent them as Western Union wire transfers to various destinations in Russia and Eastern Europe, thus preventing authorities from tracing the path of the stolen money.

Authorities broke up the scam in April of this year, hailing it as an early victory for the new Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU.) Police estimated that the total haul in the heist was in the six figure range.

"This was a complex investigation which certainly involves other people in Russia, but there was a clear structure to the organisation in the UK," said detective constable Kevin Brocklesby.

"Plenty of people appear to be willing to accept money into their accounts with no questions asked and they are a crucial cog in this kind of criminal machine."

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