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Mixer’s latest iOS and Android app update disables FTL while adding new features

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The AchieVer

Mixer’s latest iOS and Android app update disables FTL while adding new features 



Microsoft’s official Mixer apps update on iOS and Android devices today. This latest update brings the apps to Version 4.6.0 and makes some changes to how video streams are viewed and what data users can access.

The most notable change is the disabling of Mixer’s heavily-promoted faster-than-light streaming which will now be turned off by default on mobile to improve the viewing experience. Another big change is the addition of channel progression data which means users can now keep track of their channel level as they earn XP.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • FTL (faster-than-light), sub-second delay video is now disabled by default!

We’ve opted for this in an effort to reduce load issues on lower speed/unreliable connectivity mobile phones sometimes find themselves in.

In any broadcast where it is available, you can turn FTL back on using the quality selector, and the app will remember that for future sessions.

  • Channel progression now on mobile app!

Watching, chatting, using sparks, spending embers all help you level up within a channel which gains you bragging rights, and potentially other cool abilities.

If you have leveled up on other platforms, your levels will now show up on Mobile.

  • Ability to block users, even without signing in!

Even if you haven’t signed in with us yet, you can stop seeing content you don’t like, and we’ll remember it. You can manage your list of blocked accounts via the Settings page.


Mixer is Microsoft’s own video streaming service which is very much a direct competitor to Amazon’s Twitch. The service is integrated directly into Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles and is used both by casual gamers and for industry broadcasts.





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