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Microsoft Fixes Microsoft Edge Browser Crash on the Mac

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Microsoft Fixes Microsoft Edge Browser Crash on the Mac 

This is the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary for Mac


Microsoft has released a new update for the Canary build of the Mac Microsoft Edge browser in order to resolve an issue causing the crash of the app on launch.

This new release is specifically aimed at macOS users, and it brings the version of the browser to It does not include anything else besides the fix mentioned above.

David Rubino, a member of the Microsoft Edge Team, confirmed that Microsoft Edge Canary version included a bug that in some cases crashed the browser just after launch.Fix now available“Earlier today we released build to the Canary channel. Unfortunately, this build contained a bug which caused some macOS users to crash on launch. We have now fixed this bug and released to the Canary channel,” Rubino explains.

“Your device will be automatically updated in the coming hours, but if you'd like to get the fix immediately the easiest way to do it is to download and install the PKG file from https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/download. Just click on "Download" for the Canary channel and install just as you did the first time. Your settings and browsing data will be preserved.”

You can also download the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary for Mac from Softpedia using this link.

Bugs like the one that Microsoft has just fixed aren’t necessarily surprising, as the Canary build is Microsoft’s experimental version that’s supposed to let the company try out early versions of its new features. In other words, some of these features aren’t necessarily refined, and in some cases, they could cause other issues, like browser crashes or performance slowdowns.

This is one of the reasons Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev shouldn’t be used as main drivers, albeit as many users already discovered, both browsers run pretty smoothly with only occasional glitches here and there.
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