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South Korean Copyright Groups Demand P2P Site Filters "Or Else"


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Not satisfied with “three-strikes” alone, says that all P2P sites that refuse to install filters preventing users from uploading copyrighted material by the end of the year will face “severe measures.”

Back in July of this year South Korea earned the infamous distinction of being the first country in the world to enact a “three strikes,” or “graduated response,” system for disconnecting illegal file-sharing from the Internet.

Apparently unhappy with that power alone, the the Korean Film Producers Association and the Digital Content Network Association held a joint press conference recently demanding that all P2P sites install a digital content filtering system that will prevent users from uploading copyrighted material to the Internet by the end of the year or face “severe measures.”

“From now on, the failure to install the software will be taken as an offense against consumers and copyright holders,” they said in a press release. “We will seek stern legal measures.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reason for the move is the fact that some P2P sites have already voluntarily agreed to install the filtering system while others have not, creating an unfair business advantage for those that have.

Considering that users can already have their Internet connections suspended for up to six months, and that regulators can shut down P2P sites after a third copyright infringement warning, regardless of whether or not the copyright holders complained about it, the fact that copyright holders are demanding additional “protection” measures proves they’ll never be satisfied until they have full control of the Internet.

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guess they mean torrent sites. this is a total waste of tilem and money. no legal power in another country. this could effect google search engine too

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