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Microsoft acquires Pull Panda for code-review collaboration


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Microsoft is buying Pull Panda and immediately making all subscriptions to its tools available for free in the GitHub Marketplace.




Microsoft has acquired GitHub tool vendor Pull Panda for an undisclosed amount, the company announced on June 17. Microsoft plans to use Pull Panda's technology to improve code-review workflows on GitHub, officials said.

The year-and-a-half old Pull Panda provides Pull Reminders, Pull Analytics and Pull Assigner to improvde the code-review process. Pull Reminders allow developers to notify developers that a collaborator needs their review. Pull Analytics can provide stats on everything from wait times to top contributors. And Pull Assigner helps automatically distribute code across teams.

All three of these Pull Panda tools are available as of today for free in the form of a single GitHub Marketplace application called Pull Panda. Microsoft is discontinuing Enterprise plan subscriptions but will continue to offer existing Enterprise plan customers support through Pull Panda's on-premises offering.

Microsoft officials said they plan to integrate these features into GitHub, with no timeline or further details available at this time.



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