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Which Eset Product Version ?


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Hi Everyone ,


Is there any eset version that can do offline / mirror updates without a serial key? (The Latest Version i know must have license key to update)

I need eset version which is still support windows XP until now.


As I know, until Eset Smart Security version 5.x and Eset Antivirus version 5.x (Must Edit Packages from Registry from 3 to 1, so the mirror server can be edited).
Under Version 5 like 4 can, but I think the protection is not up to date.


Thank you and regards.

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2 hours ago, mp68terr said:

ESET_Endpoint_Antivirus_5.0.2229.1 is like that.

Where can i find the download link for Endpoint Security version 5.0.2272.7 ?

i have search on this forum but all link down.





Get it from coua post on other content.

On 6/17/2018 at 11:27 PM, coua said:

There and 5th and 6th are present.  


ESET Endpoint Security (MULTI-LANGUAGES):



ESET Endpoint Antivirus (MULTI-LANGUAGES):




Account to download: : D

Get it here (Update every month) 



Site: https://drive.google.com
Sharecode: /drive/folders/1VJBQBWsVJvE8qeWozdSs1Nt6YCHDNP6b





Site: https://drive.google.com
Sharecode: /drive/folders/1VJBQBWsVJvE8qeWozdSs1Nt6YCHDNP6b



I will take a look for this version first, before mark as solve.


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ESET_Endpoint_Antivirus_5.0.2272.7 is likely like that too: offline updates by changing the path of the update files to a local drive.

Did not find such functionality in later versions that require an online activation :dunno:

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The Lastest Version that can do offline updates from mirror server on local drive WITHOUT Activation / License Key was Eset Endpoint Version 5.0.2272.7.

And this version was listed End Of Life on Dec 2020.



And for Windows Server OS, The Latest Version to do offline update Without Activation / License Key Was Eset Business Edition Version, This version was the lastest of Business edition. After this version, windows server must change to Eset File Security.



It will be the hard time for Client Computer on office that use Offline Update without License Key.



Any solution will be highly valued.

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