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GParted Live Linux Distribution Updated with the Latest GParted 1.0 Release

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GParted Live Linux Distribution Updated with the Latest GParted 1.0 Release 

GParted Live 1.0.0 released


GParted developer Curtis Gedak announced the release and general availability of the Debian-based GParted Live 1.0.0 GNU/Linux distribution following the release of the GParted 1.0.0 open-source partition editor.

After more than 14 years, the popular and open-source GParted partition editor reached 1.0 milestone this week, a release that finally ports the software to the latest GTK3 (Gtkmm 3) toolkit and the GNOME 3 yelp-tools documentation infrastructure.

In addition, Gparted 1.0 comes with support for reading disk usage, grow and check on F2FS filesystems, support for enabling online resizing of extended partitions, better refreshing of NTFS filesystems, and lots of other bugs fixes and improvements.GParted Live 1.0.0 is now available for downloadOf course, you can install and use GParted 1.0 from the software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, but the GParted Live 1.0.0 distribution is also now available to help you partition disk drives on systems without or with a broken operating system.

In addition to shipping with the latest GParted 1.0 partition editor, the GParted Live 1.0.0 distribution brings all the latest updates from the Debian Sid repository as of May 30th, 2019, and Linux kernel 4.19.37-3.

The boot menu has been updated as well with a large font for the console, and various enhancements for UEFI systems, including improved local OS booting, new menu for entering the UEFI firmware setup, and information about GParted Live.

The PXE booting was also improved in GParted Live 1.0.0 to make the FQDN tftp server work again. However, it looks like GParted Live 1.0.0 doesn't work well with Acer Aspire laptops, so you'll have to boot it in safe graphics with the vga-normal option enabled.

You can write the ISO image to a USB flash drive or use it in a virtual machine like VirtualBoxor VMWare. GParted Live supports both BIOS and UEFI, as well as computers with AMD/ATI, Nvidia, and Intel graphics.
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