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Windows 10 20H1: All the changes so far

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The AchieVer

Windows 10 20H1: All the changes so far

2020's first major Windows 10 feature update is now in development. Here's all the changes coming in that release, so far.

Windows 10's next major feature update is currently in development. Codenamed '20H1', this upcoming release is currently in testing with Insiders, and is expected to ship sometimes in the spring of 2020. This update focuses primarily on under the hood platform work to improve OS stability and performance.


We've had several Insider Preview builds of 20H1 now, so it's time to start keeping track of all the notable new changes found in these builds. We'll update this post periodically with new notable changes once they are made available for testing.

Windows Shell


  • File Explorer has a new search UI and is now powered by "Windows Search."
  • The touch keyboard now features 39 additional languages powered by SwiftKey technologies.
  • Input Method Editor (IME) improvements for Japanese as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  • Dictation now supports 12 additional languages.
  • The Wi-Fi list has been updated with a tweaked UI with better iconography.



  • Disk type is now visible within Task Manager.

Accessibility Improvements

  • Narrator is now more efficient when reading tables. Header information is not repeated when navigating within the same row or column. Entering and exiting tables is also less verbose.
  • There's a new command in Narrator to give a webpage summary that gives information about hyperlinks, landmarks, and headings.
  • Windows Magnifier has a new ability to keep the text cursor in the center of the screen making it easier and smoother to type. 





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