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Blogger Tries to Eat Live Octopus on Camera, It Latches Onto Her Stupid Face Instead


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The woman had apparently complained in a previous clip: 'Why none of my clips ended up on the trending topics chart?'


A Chinese live-streaming host’s on-camera stunt to eat an octopus alive backfired terribly as the sea creature fought back with its tentacles. The woman known as 'seaside girl Little Seven' shared a 50-second video of the incident on popular short-video platform Kuaishou.

The woman, who is also a popular blogger, is seen holding an octopus while trying to eat it alive. However, the eight-armed creature fights back, sticking its tentacles around the woman’s face and leaving her writhing in pain. The woman then desperately tries to remove the octopus’s tentacles from her face.


She can be heard saying 'look how hard it's sucking' and starts to cry as soon as she realizes that the octopus wouldn't let go off her face easily, according to a Daily Mail report.


The woman screams 'painful' and 'I can't remove it' while making one last attempt to pull the octopus off her face.


“Once she removed the octopus, the host remembered her original goal as she shouted 'I'll eat it in the next video' while holding the creature in her hands.”


Realizing that the octopus had left a small bloody wound on her cheek, the woman cries: 'My face is disfigured.'


The woman lives in the city of Lianyungang and loves eating seafood, according to information sourced by Daily Mail from her Kuaishou account.


“She has eaten a variety of cooked seafood including crayfish and lobsters in her shows since she started her live-streaming channel about two weeks ago.”



communist Chinese mind is fuked up i think... eating frm dogs,cats to rotten rats to cockroaches and now live octopus ... even animals also don't do like this.



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I fought the octopus, but the octopus won!

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I know that eating live octopus is a thing. I also know that the species that are served for eating alive are much more small that the one she was trying to eat. Anyway, totally fail 🤣

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3 hours ago, truemate said:

eating frm dogs,cats to rotten rats to cockroaches and now live octopus

Thats Nothing compared to utterly bizzare thing I saw on NGC was a toilet themed restaurant  in China or maybe Taiwan where the menu is madeup of foods that resemble different varieties of sh!t !! Def . tops the f'ed up list. :duh:

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Old Boy (original kr version) showed that.. Movie won Palm de Ore at Canne. Q. Tarantino who was one of the judge. 



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