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Nvidia GeForce Driver 430.64 fixes high load issue and security issues


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Nvidia released a new GeForce Game Ready Driver on May 9, 2019. The new GeForce 430.64 driver fixes a performance issue in the previous driver version caused by the process nvdisplay.container.exe, and addresses security issues in driver components.


The new driver is already available on Nvidia's official download site for all supported video cards and graphics adapters.


Note: it is recommended that you install only the driver components that you require, e.g. only the Nvidia video card driver. You may also want to make sure that Telemetry tracking is disabled on your system after driver installation. Programs like NVCleanstall or NVSlimmer may also be used to remove unwanted driver components. End

Nvidia GeForce Driver 430.64

nvidia driver 430.64


The driver series 430 supports Microsoft's Windows 10 May 2019 Update officially. It includes the usual assortment of new game profiles and updates for SLI profiles. This particular release adds Rage 2, Total War: Three Kingdoms and World War Z Game Ready profiles to the system.


More importantly, it addresses the NVDisplay.Container.exe high CPU usage issue that was introduced in driver 430.39. Nvidia issued a hotfix release already but the GeForce Driver 430.64 is the first official driver release that patches the issue. Users affected by the issue may want to upgrade to the new driver version immediately to resolve the issue.


The remaining fixes in the release address several crashes and freezes: a crash in Hitman 2, a freeze in Shadow of the Tomb Raider when using SLI, and a crash when using BeamNG. The new release fixes the secondary monitor flickering issue and flickering when launching the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark.


The release has two unresolved issues on Windows 10. The first produces random crashes in the game Sniper Elite 4, the second affects the VSync setting.


The new driver version patches a security vulnerability that "may allow access to application data processed on the GPU through a side channel exposed by the GPU performance counters".


The patch disables access to GPU performance counters for non-admin users. Nvidia notes that administrators may enable access for non-administrators again in the Nvidia Control Panel under Developer > Manage GPU Performance Counters.


Source: Nvidia GeForce Driver 430.64 fixes high load issue and security issues (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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The AchieVer

Nvidia 430.64 Drivers Bring Support for Rage 2 and Total War: Three Kingdoms 

Nvidia released a new stable driver update, 430.64 WHQL, and it comes with some big improvements, not to mention support for a couple of upcoming games.


Nvidia released a new stable driver update, 430.64 WHQL, and it comes with some big improvements, not to mention support for a couple of upcoming games.

Nvidia usually releases updates when new games are about to come out, and the latest 430.64 WHQL is no different. It’s not necessarily about game performance, but about making sure that it’s compatible with the latest technologies,

That’s not to say that Nvidia drivers don’t also improve game performance. In fact, this latest version comes with significant improvements for a few titles, which is always a nice thing to receive even if you’re not playing them because the might share the engine with other titles in your collection.RTX 2080 Ti owners rejoiceThe main feature for this new Nvidia driver release is the support for the upcoming RAGE 2, arriving on May 14th, and Total War: Three Kingdoms, which should be here on May 23rd.

“GeForce Game Ready drivers deliver the definitive day-1 gaming experience for the latest and greatest releases, and further optimizations and enhancements for the games you’re already playing. New Game Ready Driver 430.64 WHQL delivers the best experience for Rage 2 and Total War: Three Kingdoms, and accelerates World War Z performance by up to 18%,” reads the official announcement.

This latest part is quite interesting because the difference in performance is very large and 18% is not something that can be ignored. From the looks of it, this improvement is achieved for the Vulkan driver and noticeable when used on RTX 2080 TI.

It's also important to mention that the higher CPU usage reported by users regarding the NVDisplay.Container.exe introduced in 430.39 drivers has been fixed,

As usual, you can download the Nvidia 430.64 WHQL drivers manually or you use Geforce Experience to get it automatically.
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Strange-It took 4 or 5 tries before I could install it. I'm not sure why. After a couple reboots it finally installed. Odd. I've never had a problem with Nvidia graphics drivers before. 

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