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HyperSnap 8.16.13


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HyperSnap is the fastest and easiest way to take screen captures from Windows screen, and text capture from places where normal text copy is not possible. HyperSnap combines the power of a first-class screen capture application with an advanced image editing utility - wrapped into one easy-to-use tool! It's perfect for capturing images that you want to include in your Help system, online tutorials, manuals, training handouts, presentations, marketing materials, Web pages, emails and more. Use HyperSnap to quickly share a picture-perfect representation of anything on your screen.


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Download HyperSnap™

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2019.05.02 HyperSnap 8.16.13

  • Small change: File/Save the first capture would be saved as Snap1.*, overwriting existing file in the default save directory. Now it will look for the first Snap[number].* file that is available, does not yet exist in that directory.

2019.04.25 HyperSnap 8.16.12

  • Small fix to the default save path after first installation.

  • Saves program settings on each minimize, and file save options, path etc. after each save, to avoid loss of settings on computer reboot or user log-off without exiting HyperSnap

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