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MPAA and RIAA’s Megaupload Lawsuits Remain ‘Frozen’


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Once again, a federal court in Virginia has granted Megaupload's request to place the cases filed by the RIAA and MPAA on hold for another six months. The lawsuits have been frozen for several years now, and it may take many more, as progress in the criminal case against the defunct file-sharing service is slow.

megauploadsong.jpgWell over seven years have passed since Megaupload was shut down.

Aside from Andrus Nomm’s plea deal, progress in the criminal proceedings against Megaupload’s founder and former associates is slow.

The United States wants New Zealand to extradite Kim Dotcom. However, the German-born entrepreneur and his former colleagues are fighting this request vigorously. 

Late last year, David Boldt, a lawyer for the United States, suggested that the extradition battle “might almost be at half-time”, opening up the potential for more years of legal battling.

This means that the criminal case in the United States remains pending as well. The same goes for the lawsuits the MPAA and RIAA filed against Megaupload in 2014.

Since the civil cases may influence the criminal proceedings, Megaupload’s legal team previously managed to put these cases on hold. Since there’s no progress on the extradition front, this hold continues to be extended.

Previously there were concerns that the long delays could result in the destruction of evidence, as some of Megaupload’s hard drives were starting to fail. However, after the parties agreed on a solution to back-up and restore the files two years ago, this is no longer an issue.

“With the preservation order in place and there being no other objection,
Defendant Megaupload hereby moves the Court to enter the attached proposed order, continuing the stay in this case for an additional six months,” Megaupload’s legal team wrote in its most recent request.

Following a renewed request from Megaupload’s legal team, US District Court Judge Liam O’Grady recently agreed to stay the case until October 1st, pending any new developments.

If recent history is any indication, we can expect another extension, six months from now.



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I don't know why they just don't throw  it out of court , I guess  because it's such a high profile case  . Not  a fan of  Kim Dotcom  but  if  it would been anyone else the  RIAA and MPAA would of done stuck a deal with them. for instance  look  how much  movies YIFY  pirated  they done way more damage  than this website  ever did  and  the MPAA  cut him a deal  . Also  all ended up happening to Napster in the end  they sold it to a  RIAA lead company  to pay off there fines,  


YTS Reaches MPAA Deal But Dotcom Faces Decades in Jail?



  I been following this case since it happen 2012 and the case is so old that  even if  Kim Dotcom goes to jail  in the end because they was not fair with him like they was with others who profit off piracy  it not going change the fact people people  will always have servers that have piracy files on them. Fact is some countries don't have DMCA  and they serve up pirate  files like MajorGeeks   does   legal software  no need for file host there they just use there websites hosting.





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