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It is with great sadness that the time has come for the Raymond.cc Forum to close. All content has been erased from the server including member passwords and email addresses.
We would like to thank all members for their contributions and everyone who has visited the Raymond.cc Forum since 2006.
The Raymond.cc Blog is and will remain open as normal.
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Thank you brother this is indeed a sad day for many like myself who over the years have got many very useful things from this site.

RIP Raymond CC Blog. :sadbye:

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I wonder why here is the notice so late. It was been closed already about two weeks ago.

This forum actually died several years ago, perhaps even five years ago. It was when the owner did not bother to deal with things himself and appointed the administrator as the HAL9000.
This person started working very actively and soon he was able to block all the more active users. He simply banned all most active guys.
He did it very simply, they take in use negative ratings and if somebody had got 5 minus points (5 negative ratings), he was automatically banned.
So happened, that at one day most of the more active members were banned. So there stayed only the mostly passive members who wrote one comment a year. Mostly when some software was updated or somebody found some useful giveaways. Usually was less than 10 postings in month and it was so about five years.
So, thanks to HAL9000 is it dead.

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  • Administrator

They had a forum. Never knew about it.


From what I know / remember about it, in recent years, they were busy sending DMCA notices to sites copying their articles I think.

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