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Samsung Enables Camera Ring Notification Light on Galaxy S10

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Samsung Enables Camera Ring Notification Light on Galaxy S10 

Samsung has released a new Good Lock update that brings a highly-anticipated feature to the Galaxy S10, finally enabling the camera ring to double as a notification light.

The Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ both come with camera cutouts in the Infinity O display, and Samsung ditched the LED notification light to offer an increased screen estate.

And while the LED notification light got the ax, many believed that Samsung would just enable the camera ring to play this role as well, technically inventing a very innovative notification light that’s not only more effective, but also looks and feels more modern.

The South Korean firm, however, never confirmed such a plan, which was eventually brought to fruition by third-party app developers who launched their own customization tools to enable the notification light on the camera ring.

Meanwhile, it looks like Samsung was silently working on its very own implementation that’s available right now as part of the latest Good Lock update.Enter Good LockThanks to a new feature in the EdgeLighting+ module, users can now enable a new effect called Eclipse which lights up the display cutout for notifications.

The original implementation, however, appears to be more or less limited, as Samsung has restricted the use with the phone locked to only a bunch of stock apps and phone calls. In other words, while apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger would issue camera ring notifications when the screen is unlocked, they do not when the phone is locked. Instead, the unlocked state only supports the stock messaging app, phone calls, and a bunch of other Samsung apps.

For the time being, this just appears to be a limitation that Samsung would remove in a later update. At the same time, the company might have restricted the use of the notification light to its own apps to prevent battery draining, so it remains to be seen if future Good Lock updates bring any improvements in this regard.
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