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Google Cloud Next: Everything you need to know about the new strategy

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Google Cloud Next: Everything you need to know about the new strategy

CEO Thomas Kurian has made his mark on Google Cloud Platform with a strategy that's enterprise friendly and focused on industries. Here's what you need to know.




Google Cloud Platform CEO Thomas Kurian made his debut as leader of the company and outlined a strategy that will look familiar to enterprise technology buyers.


In fact, some of Kurian's strategy looked cribbed from his alma mater: Oracle. Yes, Google Cloud Platform checked all the boxes at Google Cloud Next. Check out the separated-at-birth slides between Oracle and Google Cloud. 

Oracle's decades-old industry nameplate slide:



And now Google:



Here's the rundown and what you need to know:




None of this GCP playbook is unique if you're used to buying hardware and software from the likes of Dell, HPE, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and a host of other vendors. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that GCP is firmly speaking enterprise technology and that reality may finally make it a larger threat to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.




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