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VSCO sues PicsArt for allegedly reverse engineering photo filters


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Photo filters aren't as big a business as they used to be — the early 2010s were dark times — but photo editor VSCO still takes them very seriously. The company has filed suit against the makers of fellow photo editor PicsArt, alleging that several of its filters were reverse engineered from VSCO's.



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VSCO says that at least 19 of PicsArt's filters were pilfered by a handful of PicsArt employees who signed up for VSCO accounts specifically to study and reverse engineer color presets. "VSCO’s color scientists have determined that at least nineteen presets published by PicsArt are effectively identical to VSCO presets that are only available through a VSCO account," the suit says.


PicsArt denies the allegations, but has so far removed 17 of the 19 offending filters. VSCO isn't asking for a specific amount of money, instead aiming to recoup unspecified damages caused by PicsArt's alleged use of VSCO's proprietary presets.


You can read the full lawsuit here.



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