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Android Q Beta 2, a deep dive


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Android's Bubbles feature can actually completely replace the notification panel.

Android Q Beta 2, a deep dive

Android Q Beta 2 is out! Despite the plethora of bug warnings from Google, I flashed it on my daily driver and am back to report on some things. Beta 2 gives us a whole new feature to play with called "Bubbles," lots of little changes, and frustratingly slow development on Android's gesture navigation system.


Of course everything is a work in progress, and there are plenty of bugs and weird design quirks. We're still going to bring attention to them now, though, in the hope that they get cleaned up before release. Let's dive in!




Source: Android Q Beta 2, a deep dive (Ars Technica)


Poster's note: This is a long multi-page article with several image slide-shows. Best viewed by visiting the above link.

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