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( IOS / ANDROID ) CityMaps2Go turn free into PRO

Disco Bob

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To get PRO Install the FREE version above Open app and select the menu top left of screen - the three parallel lines. This opens a list one of which is 'Redeem Code'. Put in COBI19 there and then you should have a notification, Congrats you are a Pro user. This is for android, similar should work on iOS to !


ANDROID user will lose the PRO after a factory reset but simple to get around

IOS Do not lose PRO of reset ;)



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46 minutes ago, win10 said:

ANDROID user will lose the PRO after a factory reset but simple to get around


How do I get around,? just re enter the code?

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Easy to turn it to Pro, but also there's am option for the Premium version.😒


This can be bought.... its like the way Tunein Radio sells it🤔

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